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Oil Hot Water Heater for Sale

Price: $2,500.00 - $8,500.00

An oil fired hot water heater is a great choice for those looking to reduce their monthly energy costs. Water heating is one of the biggest energy costs in the home and a great way to lower your utility bills. They take the incoming cold water and heat it up before returning it to your home through pipes that run throughout your house.

  • Rated thermal power: 0.1 - 14 Mw
  • Rated thermal efficiency: 90%
  • Operating pressure: ≤ 1 MPa
  • Available fuel: diesel oil, light oil, heavy oil, etc

Low Nitrogen Environmental Protection, High
Efficiency & Energy Saving

  • Integrated Combustion and Heat Transfer

    The oil hot water heater seamlessly integrates into a comprehensive thermal energy system, all the while maintaining low nitrogen emissions, effectively raising thermal efficiency to an impressive 105%.

  • Remarkably Low Nitrogen Emissions

    Utilizing diffusion combustion technology, the oil fired hot water heater meets the demanding requirements of high tonnage applications. Nitrogen oxide emissions are held below 30 mg, comfortably adhering to stringent air quality standards.

  • Compact Footprint

    Our self-designed wing-shaped heat exchange component significantly reduces floor space requirements by over 20%, when compared to conventional condensing vacuum boilers.

  • User-Friendly Simplicity

    The oil heating boiler comes equipped with a range of user-friendly features including a high-resolution touch screen, dynamic graphical display, multi-tiered menu access and permissions, and automated failure log saving. This ensures straightforward and direct operation, making it highly accessible to users.

Oil Hot Water Heater Parameters

Types Thermal power Steam pressure Thermal efficiency Fuel Power requirement Length * Width * Height Weight Chimney
Unit Kw MPa % V/Hz mm kg mm
V3 99 1 90 diesel oil, light oil, heavy oil, etc 220/50 1700 * 820 * 1100 420 180

The average cost of an oil hot water heater ranges from $2,500 to $8,500. An oil fired hot water heater is a great choice for those looking to reduce their monthly energy costs. Water heating is one of the biggest energy costs in the home and a great way to lower your utility bills.  In this post, I will explain how an oil boiler works, how it differs from electric boilers, and whether or not it’s worth the investment. We’ll also cover what are the most common issues with oil boilers and how much does an oil fired hot water heater cost?

What is an oil-fired water heater?

Oil-fired water heaters are a type of water heater that uses oil to heat water. Oil fired water heaters are more efficient than electric ones and they cost less to operate. However, they cost more to buy and install initially than electric models do. The longer life span of an oil-fired heater also makes it more durable, so you’ll be able to get more use out of your purchase over time if you choose this option instead of an electric model.

  • Oil-fired models typically have burners with adjustable settings that allow homeowners who aren’t as familiar with heating systems access to a variety of temperature options while still maintaining maximum efficiency at all times throughout their use cycle.

Can an oil boiler heat water?

The answer is yes! An oil boiler can definitely heat water, and it will do so in a more efficient, reliable, and durable way than electric one.

Oil boilers are much more affordable than electric hot water heaters as well. This means that you’ll be able to save money on your energy costs every month by using an oil boiler instead of electricity to heat your water. Oil boilers can also be installed with other equipment that makes them more efficient than traditional gas or electric hot water heating systems.

Oil fired hot water heater

Working principle.

Oil boiler hot water heaters work by using the heat from an oil burner to heat up water. They are more efficient than electric water heaters but less efficient than gas ones.

Another benefit of oil boiler hot water heaters is that they’re safer than electric models; they don’t have an electrical heating element as you’d find in an electric storage tank heater. This means there’s no danger of electrocution when servicing or operating your appliance.


Oil fired water heaters are one of the most efficient ways to heat your water. They are more efficient than gas-fired boilers and solar panels, and they’re nearly as efficient as geothermal systems. The reason that oil fired hot water boilers are so energy efficient has to do with how they work.

Oil boilers use a combustion process that allows them to burn low-quality fuel (like used motor oil) and turn it into high-quality heat for your home or business. This process is much more efficient than burning standard fuels like natural gas, propane, or kerosene because the oils that these types of boilers use have low BTU content (British Thermal Units). A single gallon of petroleum distillate fuel can produce up to 3 times as much heat as an equivalent amount of natural gas!


Oil fired hot water heaters last between 8-15 years, and this is when it’s time to replace your oil fired hot water heater. There are a few indicators that can tell you if your oil fired hot water heater needs replacing:

  • If the burner does not light or flickers frequently, then it may be time for a replacement.
  • If there is white smoke coming from the chimney, then this could be an indication of a problem with your boiler.
  • Leaking oil or gas could also indicate problems with your heating system and lead to further damage down the line if not fixed soon enough.

oil furnace hot water heater

Oil hot water heater vs electric

Electric water heaters are generally less expensive than oil units, but they also tend to be less efficient and more prone to breakdowns. Oil-fired models are typically more reliable and durable, which means you’ll spend less time worrying about whether or not your hot water heater is going to suddenly stop working.

Oil boiler hot water heaters have a longer lifespan than electric models, as well. This means that an oil-fired unit will last longer and require fewer repairs over time—something that’s especially important if your current hot water heater isn’t working properly or doesn’t provide enough hot water for everyone in the house!

Oil fired water heater vs electric

Oil hot water heater vs propane.

  • Oil is cheaper than propane.
  • Propane is cleaner and more efficient.
  • Propane is more expensive than oil, but it lasts longer in the tank so you don’t have to refill as often.

If you’re considering an oil hot water heater for your home or business, it’s important to know how much money you can save by using this type of heating equipment over traditional propane heaters before making your final decision about which type works best for you!

Is it cheaper to use an electric heater or oil?

An electric water heater is more efficient than an oil-fired one. But the cost savings from using less energy may not be enough to make up for the higher initial cost of installing an electric system.

Oil heaters are typically more reliable than their electric counterparts because they don’t have any moving parts that could break down or wear out over time.

Is an oil heater cheaper to run than a gas?

The cost of running an oil water heater is typically lower than that of a gas-powered model. This is because oil heaters are more efficient, meaning they use less energy to produce the same amount of hot water. They also have lower installation and maintenance costs when compared with those associated with gas heaters.

According to Energy Star, the average annual operating cost of an electric tankless or hybrid electric tankless water heater is $217. By comparison, the average annual operating cost of a natural gas-fired traditional storage tanked water heater is $350-500.

oil vs gas hot water heater

How much oil does an oil water heater use?

The amount of oil used by an oil water heater depends on two factors: the size of the heater and how long it has been in operation. Smaller models may require just 5 gallons per use while larger ones might need 10 gallons or more.

For example, if you have an 80-gallon tank installed in your home and use hot water several times during one day (for showers or laundry), then this would translate into 8-10 gallons being used per day by your system alone.

How much does an oil fired hot water heater cost?

This depends on various factors, including the size of your tank, the type of tank (plastic or steel), and how efficient your unit is. In general, you can expect to pay anywhere from $800 – $6,000 for a hot water heater. The average cost is somewhere around $2,000 to $4,000.

  • If you have a small tank that is less than 20 gallons in size and has no special features (e.g., stainless steel), then expect to pay between $800-$1,200 for installation costs alone.
  • Larger tanks that are made from steel or stainless steel will cost more than these smaller models because they take longer to install due to their heavier weight and complexity when it comes down to working with piping materials like copper tubing that require special tools so as not damage them during the installation process itself!

Oil hot water heater cost


It is important to understand how a hot water heater system works. There are many different types of hot water heaters, but they all work in a similar way. They take the incoming cold water and heat it up before returning it to your home through pipes that run throughout your house. This means you can use this heated water for anything from showering or washing dishes to flushing toilets or washing clothes! If you want to know more about oil hot water heaters, please contact us: at +0086 186-2391-5479.


How much heating oil is used for hot water?

On average, a typical residential hot water heater can consume around 1-2 gallons of heating oil per day. The amount of heating oil used for hot water varies depending on the size and efficiency of your hot water heater.

How much oil to heat hot water?

A standard residential hot water heater might require 30-60 gallons of heating oil per month for efficient operation. The quantity of oil needed to heat hot water is influenced by factors such as the water heater's capacity, insulation, and usage.

How much oil does a hot water heater use?

Generally, a household with an oil-fired hot water heater can expect to use 360-720 gallons of heating oil annually. The oil consumption of a hot water heater depends on its size, efficiency, and usage patterns.

Is electric hot water heaters cheaper than oil?

Typically, an electric water heater may cost between $1,200 and $2,500 or more, and an oil-fired water heater may cost between $1,500 and $4,000 or more. The exact cost also depends on your location, energy prices, and the efficiency of the equipment.

Is an oil hot water heater better than electric?

Oil heaters are more common in areas with easy access to heating oil and can provide consistent hot water. Electric heaters may be preferable in regions with lower electricity costs and where oil is less accessible or more expensive.

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