Boiler system for chemical industry

Chemical Industry Boiler System Solutions

The drying, heating, distillation, concentration, melting, and other processes of raw materials for chemical equipment are inseparable from the help of steam. Therefore, most of the chemical industry choosesa industrial steam boilers for production and processing. Fangkuai boiler is represented by low-nitrogen and environmentally friendly boiler equipment, which will quickly drive the chemical industry to practice the construction of ecological civilization and inject more power into the sustainable development of the entire chemical industry.

Environmental Protection Engineering Boiler System Solution

In people's daily life, it is inevitable to produce a large amount of garbage. If this garbage is not effectively disposed of, it will greatly affect people's daily living environment and even pose a threat to people's health. At present, incineration is the main solution to dispose of garbage, but in the process of incinerating garbage, in addition to causing secondary environmental pollution, it will also cause waste of resources and energy. Therefore, in waste disposal, waste incineration can be used to generate electricity.

Environmental Protection Engineering Boiler Environmental Protection Engineering Boiler System

Waste Treatment Plant Boiler System Solution

Every city has a corresponding garbage treatment plant, which uses incinerators and other equipment to deal with a large amount of garbage generated from the operation of surrounding towns. To move equipment such as waste incinerators, a large amount of kinetic energy is required. Steam boilers can use the large amount of steam generated as kinetic energy to drive the normal operation of such equipment.

Waste Treatment Plant Boiler Waste Treatment Plant Boiler System

Electroplating Company Boiler System Solution

The purpose of electroplating is to coat the substrate with a metal coating to achieve the purpose of changing the surface properties or dimensions of the substrate. There are various types of electroplating, including copper plating, nickel plating, gold plating, palladium-nickel plating, tin-lead plating, silver plating, etc. Different forms of electroplating correspond to different processes, but these processes have one thing in common, that is precise manufacturing and rigorous precision.

Electroplating Company Boiler Electroplating Company Boiler System