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Industrial Hot Water Boiler Price

Price: $4,200.00 - $15,500.00

An industrial hot water boiler is a type of hot water boiler that's used in industrial plants. It's designed to provide high-capacity, high-pressure steam or hot water for industrial purposes. The industrial boiler may be fired by oil, gas, coal, or biomass fuel, and can be fired with an electrical heating element or resistance wire.

  • Rated thermal power: 0.7 - 70 Mw
  • Rated thermal efficiency: 90 - 96%
  • Operating pressure: ≤ 3.2 MPa
  • Available fuel: gas, oil, electricity, coal, biomass, etc

Low Nitrogen Environmental Protection, High
Efficiency & Energy Saving

  • Rapid Startup

    In comparison to traditional products, the industrial hot water boiler series introduces an innovative enhanced heat transfer element. This results in increased heat flux density, a more compact design, and a significantly reduced boiler water volume compared to conventional counterparts.

  • Enhanced Thermal Efficiency

    The industrial boiler employs advanced feather tube technology to optimize the overall heat absorption ratio of the furnace body. This strategic design utilizes the heat energy characteristics of each grade, efficiently harnessing waste heat from flue gas in a stepwise manner. The goal is to maximize boiler efficiency.

  • Energy Efficiency and Environmental Responsibility

    They utilize software simulations to analyze the temperature distribution within the furnace. This process leads to an optimized furnace structure and convection heating surface layout. Flame structure and air-fuel ratio adjustments, achieved electronically through the fan, further reduce the production of thermal nitrogen oxides, emphasizing energy savings and environmental protection.

  • Accurate Water Supply Control

    It is equipped with a precise water level alarm system, capable of accurately detecting liquid levels within the boiler. It converts these signals into control inputs and transmits them to the control cabinet. Within the cabinet, a frequency converter interprets these signals, enabling automatic water supply adjustments.

Industrial Hot Water Boiler Parameters

Types Thermal power Steam pressure Thermal efficiency Fuel Power requirement Length * Width * Height Weight Chimney
Unit Mw MPa % V/Hz mm t mm
CWNSL0.7-95/70-Y.Q 0.7 ≤1.25 96-98 Light oil,
natural gas
380/50 3730 * 1950 * 2430 3.43 300
CWNSL1.4-95/70-Y.Q 1.4 3710 * 2270 * 2850 4.55 350
CWNSL2.1-95/70-Y.Q 2.1 4440 * 2360 * 3220 6.18 450
CWNSL2.8-95/70-Y.Q 2.8 5170 * 2520 * 3310 6.33 450
WNS2.8-1.0-115(95)/70-Y.Q 2.8 5500 * 3260 * 3680 8.15 450
WNS4.2-1.0-115(95)/70-Y.Q 4.2 6500 * 3530 * 4320 13.94 550
WNS5.6-1.0-115(95)/70-Y.Q 5.6 7090 * 4030 * 4990 17.99 700
WNS7-1.0-115(95)/70-Y.Q 7 7650 * 4040 * 5090 20.43 700
WNS14-1.25-115(95)/70-Y.Q 14 9280 * 4350 * 5770 40.46 900


The price of an industrial hot water boiler ranges from $4,200 to $15,500, depending on various factors such as the model, size, fuel, manufacturer, etc. of the hot water boiler. An industrial hot water boiler is a type of hot water boiler that’s used in industrial plants. It’s designed to provide high-capacity, high-pressure steam or hot water for industrial purposes. The industrial boiler may be fired by oil, gas, coal, or biomass fuel, and can be fired with an electrical heating element or resistance wire.

What is an industrial hot water boiler?

An industrial hot water boiler is a device that heats water to be used in industrial processes. They can be gas or oil fired or electric. They are used in factories, mines, and other industrial settings to heat water for things like steam extraction or cleaning metal parts.

Types of industrial boilers.

There are two main types of industrial boilers: hot water boilers and steam boilers. The industrial hot water boiler is used for heating purposes, while the steam boiler is used for power generation.

The industrial hot water boiler can be further divided into different types based on its use or function. There are general-purpose industrial boilers. They are used by many industries—and custom-built industrial boilers that may be designed specifically for a particular industry’s needs.

Industrial water boiler

Working Principle.

In an industrial hot water boiler, heat is transferred from burning fuel to water through a heat exchanger. The fuel is burned in a burner to create the necessary amount of heat. This process requires combustion gases and airflow that can be provided by natural or mechanical means. The resulting high-temperature gas stream passes through a series of pipes before entering into contact with water inside the heater’s tubes (or channels).

Life Expectancy.

Industrial hot water boilers are not like residential boilers. The lifespan of an industrial hot water boiler is typically 15-20 years. But it can be even longer depending on the quality of the product and how well you maintain it.

Industrial hot water boiler system

How much is a hot water boiler?

Hot water boiler price

The price of a hot water boiler will vary depending on the size, type, and brand. In most cases, you can expect to pay somewhere between $3,000 and $5,000 for a new hot water boiler. If you’re looking at used models or if you need to purchase parts separately (such as a pump), the cost could be even higher.

If you’re considering purchasing an industrial water boiler, we suggest that you contact us today for more information about our products or any other products in our inventory!

How much does an industrial hot water boiler cost?

Industrial hot water boiler price

An industrial hot water boiler can cost anywhere from $4,200 to $15,500. The cost varies based on the size of the system you require, the features that are included with your purchase, and the manufacturer you choose. It’s important to note that not all industrial water boilers are created equal. While some manufacturers may offer affordable prices on their products, their equipment may not be as durable or high quality as other brands (which can result in more frequent repairs down the road).

A major factor in determining how much your hot water boiler will cost is where it’s installed. If your building has an existing hot water heating system, then installation could be minimal; but if it doesn’t have one already installed then there will likely be significant work involved with installing plumbing lines throughout your facility and hooking everything up properly before use.

You should also consider what type of maintenance plan your contractor offers for after installation; many companies include this service at no additional charge because they know how expensive repairs can be if something goes wrong later down the road without proper maintenance checks being performed regularly throughout its lifespan.

Industrial hot water boiler price


The industrial hot water boiler is one of the most reliable and efficient systems for generating steam. The boiler can be used to produce hot water at any time and in any quantity, so it is an ideal tool for industries that need a lot of hot water on a daily basis.


How does an industrial hot water boiler work?

Industrial hot water boilers specifically deliver hot water, making them ideal for tasks like heating buildings, sanitizing equipment, or providing hot water for industrial processes.

What are the main components of an industrial hot water boiler system?

An industrial hot water boiler typically comprises a heat source (burner or electric element), a water vessel (boiler shell), controls, pumps, safety devices, and distribution piping. The heat source heats water within the vessel, and pumps circulate hot water to where it's needed.

What types of fuels can be used to power industrial hot water boilers?

Industrial hot water boilers can run on various fuels, including natural gas, diesel, propane, biomass, and electricity. The choice of fuel depends on factors like cost, availability, and environmental considerations.

Are there any energy-saving technologies or strategies that can be integrated with industrial hot water boiler systems?

Yes, energy-saving technologies like condensing boilers, economizers, and advanced control systems can optimize efficiency and reduce energy consumption in industrial hot water boiler systems.

How do I size an industrial hot water boiler?

You need key considerations include the required hot water volume, temperature, load fluctuations, and the specific application. Proper sizing ensures efficient operation and avoids wasteful energy consumption.

What safety measures are essential for operating industrial hot water boilers?

Safety measures include pressure relief valves, temperature controls, water level indicators, and routine inspections to prevent overheating, pressure buildup, or other hazardous conditions.

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