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Best-selling Electric Water Boiler Price

Price: $2,400.00 - $9,600.00

An electric hot water boiler, also known as an electric water heater or electric boiler, is a device used to heat and store water for various purposes. It is primarily designed to provide hot water for domestic or commercial use, such as bathing, washing dishes, or heating spaces.

  • Rated thermal power: 0.1 - 28 Mw
  • Rated thermal efficiency: 98%
  • Operating pressure: ≤ 1.0 MPa
  • Available fuel: electricity

Low Nitrogen Environmental Protection, High
Efficiency & Energy Saving

  • High Efficiency

    Electric hot water boilers stand out for their impressive energy efficiency, efficiently converting nearly all the electricity they consume into heat. In contrast, gas and oil-fired boilers often lose a substantial amount of heat through the flue or exhaust, leading to energy wastage and higher utility bills.

  • Safety and Environmental Benefits

    They provide a safer alternative to gas and oil-fired boilers as they produce no emissions. They eliminate the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, which is a concern with gas boilers.

  • Compact and Convenient Installation

    Electric water boilers are typically compact and well-suited for homes with limited space. Their installation is relatively straightforward, and they do not necessitate a flue or chimney, which can result in cost savings during installation.

  • Minimal Maintenance

    Electric hot water boilers demand minimal maintenance compared to their gas or oil-fired counterparts, which require regular upkeep and cleaning to ensure optimal performance. Electric boilers also feature fewer moving parts, reducing the likelihood of breakdowns and lowering maintenance expenses.

Electric Hot Water boiler Parameters

Types Thermal power Steam pressure Thermal efficiency Fuel Length * Width * Height Weight
Unit Mw MPa % mm t
CWDR0.1-95/70-Ⅱ 0.12 0.1 98.00% Electric energy 1395 * 890 * 960 0.278
CWDR0.23-95/70-Ⅱ 0.24 1395 * 1050 * 1280 0.427
CWDR0.47-95/70-Ⅱ 0.48 2000 * 1300 * 1525 0.849
CWDR0.7-95/70-Ⅱ 0.72 2000 * 1100 * 1840 1.4
CWDR1.0-95/70-Ⅱ 1.05 2580 * 1500 * 2150 2
CWDR1.75-95/70-Ⅱ 1.8 2650 * 1790 * 2540 2.75
WDR0.7-1.0/95/70-Ⅱ 0.72 1 2640 * 1300 * 2830 2.37
WDR1.4-1.6/95/70-Ⅱ 1.5 1.6 3070 * 2240 * 3040 4.34
WDR2.1-1.0/(115)95/70-Ⅱ 2.25 1 4060 * 2240 * 3210 5.3
WDR2.8-1.0/(115)95/70-Ⅱ 3 1 4170 * 2540 * 3510 5.9

Usually, the price of an electric water boiler is between $2,400 – $9,600, depending on the model, size, and application industry of the boiler. Electric water boilers are popular around the world. They’re a great choice if you want something that’s quick to heat up, but they’re also pretty cheap when you compare them to other types of hot water heaters. If you’re thinking about getting an electric water boiler for your home and want to know what the benefits of this type of heater are, this article will give you all the information about how these devices work and what makes them so popular!

What is an electric hot water boiler?

An electric hot water boiler, also known as an electric water heater or electric boiler, is a device used to heat and store water for various purposes. It is primarily designed to provide hot water for domestic or commercial use, such as bathing, washing dishes, or heating spaces. Unlike traditional boilers that use fossil fuels like gas or oil, electric boilers rely on electricity as their source of energy.

How does an electric hot water boiler work?

Electric hot water boiler furnace

With an electric water boiler, the heating element uses electrical resistance to heat the water in a heat exchanger. As you might guess from its name, this is where the heated and cool water comes into direct contact with one another for the transfer of energy. The heated water then passes through the tank and out of the spout.

Electric water boilers use electrical resistance heating to heat water. An electric element heats the water as it passes through a metal tube on its way from the upper reservoir to the lower reservoir. The water is pumped through this heat exchanger by an electric pump, which can be set for different flow rates depending on how strong and fast you want your hot water supply to be. Although electric boilers are less efficient than gas-powered ones, they have certain advantages that make them more popular in certain situations.

electric water boiler

How efficient is an electric hot water boiler? 

Electric hot water boilers are generally considered to be highly efficient in converting electrical energy into heat. They have an efficiency rating of close to 100%, meaning that almost all of the electrical energy consumed is converted into heat energy to warm the water. This high efficiency is primarily due to the direct conversion of electrical energy into heat without any intermediary steps.

Do electric water boilers use a lot of electricity?

The electricity consumption of an electric water boiler depends on several factors, including the capacity of the boiler, the amount of hot water used, and the temperature settings. While electric water boilers are generally efficient at converting electricity into heat, they do consume electricity to maintain the desired water temperature.

To estimate the electricity consumption of an electric water boiler, you can multiply its power rating (in kilowatts) by the number of hours it operates. For example, if you have a 200 kW electric boiler running for 3 hours, it would consume 600 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity.

electric hot water boiler

What is the price of an electric water heater?

Electric water heater price

The price of an electric water boiler depends on the manufacturer. The best brands are available for about $2,500 to $7,750, and you can buy them online or in your nearest store.

The price of an electric hot water boiler is also different depending on the brand, but it is cheaper than the price of an ordinary electric heater. For example, if you want to buy a good quality product from a well-known company, then you should expect to pay between $1,250 and $8,000 (or even more). But if you want something cheaper – maybe because you don’t need heating capacity or other functions – then less than $1000 will be enough for purchasing this type of device.

How much does an electric hot water boiler cost?

Electric water boiler price

An electric water boiler can be purchased for a variety of prices. The most expensive models cost about $10,000 and the least expensive cost about $2,000. This is just an average range, though; the actual price may be higher or lower depending on the brand name, size of the tank, and type of warranty you want to get.

If you are looking for a new hot water boiler that will serve your home well and last for years to come, we recommend buying one with a decent-sized tank (50 gallons or more) so that it stays hot enough to provide constant hot water whenever you need it. If this is too much money for you right now but you still want something better than what comes standard on most homes today then consider upgrading your current system by purchasing an add-on product such as a dual temperature diverter valve.

electric water boiler price


Electric water boilers are not only convenient but also cost-effective. They can keep your home warm and dry with little effort on your part. Electric hot water boilers are an excellent option for those who want to save money on heating bills but don’t have access to natural gas or propane fuel sources. These appliances can be installed in any room of your house and don’t require much maintenance either. If you want to know more about electric water boilers, please contact us: at +0086 186-2391-5479.


Do electric boilers need a water tank?

Yes, electric boilers require a water tank to store and heat the water. The tank is an essential component of the system, ensuring a steady supply of hot water when needed.

How long does an electric boiler take to boil water?

Typically, the electric boiler can take 15 to 30 minutes to bring water to the desired temperature, but this may vary based on factors like the initial water temperature and boiler efficiency.

Is it cheaper to heat water with gas or electric?

The cost-effectiveness of heating water with gas or electricity depends on several factors, including energy prices, the efficiency of your appliances, and your location.

What is the difference between electric boiler and electric water heater?

Electric boilers heat water for central heating systems or radiant floor heating. On the other hand, electric water heaters exclusively heat water for domestic use, such as bathing and washing dishes.

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