Electric Hot Water Boiler

Electric Hot Water Boiler

Electric Hot Water Boiler

Product Parameters:

Rated thermal power: 0.1-2.8Mw

Rated thermal efficiency: 98%

Pressure: ≤1.0MPa

Available fuel: electric energy

Product Description:

The boiler is composed of a boiler body, an electric control box, and a control system, and has obvious characteristics of environmental protection, cleanliness, pollution-free, noise-free and automatic. With the reduction of limited energy and the sharp rise in price, electric hot water boiler as a new type of kinetic energy equipment is more and more recognized by people.

Product Advantages:

Simple operation

Use the controller keyboard to check, set, and modify parameters, easy to understand, easy to learn, easy to remember, and easy to operate.

High economic efficiency

Use night low valley electricity to heat the water to 95 ° C, and then use heat exchanger heat exchange to save power consumption.

Long-term stable operation

The heating pipe is immersed to avoid burning due to the exposure of the root of the heating pipe to ensure the long-term operation of the boiler.

Long service life

The ceramic electric heating rod is used for uniformity and high thermal efficiency to prevent potential safety hazards.

Electric Hot Water Boiler Anatomy

Electric Hot Water Boiler Anatomy