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Keystoker Coal Boiler Prices

Price: $4,500.00 - $12,000.00

A keystoker coal boiler is a type of steam boiler that uses stokers to feed coal into the combustion chamber. These boilers are most commonly used in industries like cement manufacturing, where large amounts of steam are needed for processing purposes.

  • Rated thermal power: 2.8 - 17.5 t/h
  • Rated thermal efficiency: 82 - 95%
  • Operating pressure: ≤ 2.8 MPa
  • Available fuel: coal, cinder, pulverized coal, etc

Low Nitrogen Environmental Protection, High
Efficiency & Energy Saving

  • Optimized Design

    The keystoker coal boiler incorporates an arched tube plate and threaded smoke tubes to create a drum with improved structural flexibility. This transformation shifts the drum from a quasi-rigid to a quasi-elastic structure, eliminating struts in the tube plate area and reducing pressure. Additionally, it changes the smoke tube configuration from two returns to a single return, effectively resolving issues related to tube sheet cracks.

  • Exceptional Thermal Efficiency

    The keystoker coal boilers employ high-efficiency heat transfer threaded smoke tubes to enhance heat transfer, resulting in rapid heating and pressure elevation within the boiler. This design mitigates dust accumulation in the smoke pipe, facilitating self-cleaning due to the disturbance caused by flue gas.

  • Dependable and Safe Operation

    The lower portion of the drum features ascending pipe rows, eliminating stagnant water zones at the drum's base and preventing sludge deposition. Moreover, it ensures efficient cooling of the drum's high-temperature area, preventing bulging and ensuring stable operation. This setup also allows for convenient adjustments, ensuring ample output.

  • Environmentally Conscious and Sustainable

    Utilizing an eight-character wall within the furnace and an exhaust chimney, the system contributes to dust reduction. The original boiler dust concentration is maintained below regulatory standards, ensuring compliance with national environmental protection regulations regarding smoke and dust emissions.

Keystoker Coal Boiler Parameters

Types Evaporation In/Out water temperature Economizer feed water Thermal efficiency Fuel Coal scuttle Length * Width * Height Weight Flue outlet
Unit t/h °C Interface % mm mm t mm
SZL2.8-1.0 2.8 70/95 PN1.6 DN150 82-95 Biomass pellets, peanut shells, rice husks, coconut shells, etc 1970 8820 * 3150 * 4450 12.3 1100 * 912
SZL4.2-1.0 4.2 70/95 2580 10100 * 3610 * 6830 18.5 1438 * 1252
SZL7-1.0 7 70/95 PN1.6 DN200 2630 12050 * 4075 * 6410 31.0 1000 * 600
SZL7-1.0 70/115 12050 * 4075 * 6410 31.0 1000 * 600
SZL10.5-1.25 10.5 70/115 15900 * 4075 * 6410 35.2 1000 * 800
SZL14-1.0 14 70/95 15500 * 6170 * 8410 42.0 1500 * 800
SZL14-1.25 70/115 15500 * 6170 * 8410 41.4 1500 * 800
QXL14-1.25 70/130 15500 * 6170 * 8410 41.4 1500 * 800
QXL14-1.6 70/130 15500 * 6170 * 8410 41.4 1500 * 800
QXL17.5-1.25 17.5 70/115 15500 * 6170 * 8410 39.1 1500 * 800

The price of installing a keystoker coal boiler is about $4,500 – $12,000, depending on the model, fuel, supplier and many other factors. A keystoker coal boiler is a type of steam boiler that uses stokers to feed coal into the combustion chamber. These boilers are most commonly used in industries like cement manufacturing, where large amounts of steam are needed for processing purposes. Keystoker boilers are very efficient at generating large amounts of steam due to their design and the way they combust coal.

What is a keystoker coal boiler?

Keystoker coal boilers are a very popular choice among energy providers because of their ability to burn waste material in addition to coal. A keystoker coal boiler is a type of coal-fired boiler. It uses a coal feeder to deliver coal to the burners.

It is a type of stoker boiler, which means that it does not have a mechanical grate. Instead, it uses an automated system that moves coals into place over the fire tubes so they can burn completely and efficiently. Keystokers are used in large industrial boilers because they are efficient and help reduce emissions compared with older designs.

How does a keystoker coal boiler work?

Keystoker coal boilers are a type of fired boiler, which means they heat water through combustion. A keystoker coal boiler is a type of stoker-fired boiler. The “key” in keystoker refers to the system used by this type of heating system to feed fuel into the furnace. This can be done using mechanical components or an automated computerized control system, which saves space and money on your utility bills when compared to other types of boilers that require more manpower or manual labor from staff members during operation.

A Keystoker coal boiler uses a stoker to feed the firebox with coal, which is then combusted using an oxygen-blown fire tube. The products of combustion are exhausted through a chimney and the flue gases are passed through a heat exchanger called an economizer before being exhausted into the atmosphere via a flue gas stack (or smokestack).

Keystones are able to burn multiple fuels without any adjustments being made for different types of wood pellets because they have been engineered specifically for this purpose after being tested over time on a wide range of materials such as sawdust, bark chips, and briquettes.

keystoker coal boiler

Is keystoker coal boiler efficient?

Keystoker coal boiler for sale

Keystoker coal boilers are very efficient, with an average efficiency of 80% – this means that 80% of the energy in the fuel is turned into heat by the boiler, which is then transferred to your house. This is better than a conventional coal boiler, which has an average efficiency of 75%, and it’s also more efficient than a gas boiler (which has an average efficiency of around 70%).

What is a stoker coal stove?

Stoker coal stove

A stoker coal stove is a type of coal boiler. It’s a large, industrial boiler that heats water or steam to generate power for heating and/or production processes in large buildings. Typically, the stoker coal stove is used in situations where conventional boilers would be unable to provide sufficient heat or pressure. For example, if you want to heat a factory building with 100 employees, but don’t have enough money for multiple boilers or heaters in each room—you could use one stoker coal stove instead!

keystoker coal boiler prices

What are the two types of stoker-fired boilers?

Coal stoker boiler

There are two types of stoker-fired boilers:

  • The first is a vertical or “updraft” design, where the fire burns at the bottom of the furnace, and hot gases rise through it. This design can also be called an arch firing system because of its shape, which looks like an inverted “U”. These boilers are often used to generate power for cities and other large institutions because they require less fuel per unit of power produced than horizontal boilers, which we’ll discuss in a bit.
  • The second type is a horizontal or “downdraft” design that has its fire burning on top of coal (or other fuel) and uses gravity to feed it down into chambers where combustion takes place before being drawn out through pipes positioned around their circumference. Because these pipes need to be insulated so that they don’t burn up themselves while carrying hot steam across long distances through piping systems, many people have trouble telling whether it’s even possible for such heat engines to work well enough under real-world conditions; but this question has been answered repeatedly by researchers who’ve conducted extensive tests on both types of stokers over time periods as short as fifteen minutes (which isn’t nearly enough time).

How much does a keystoker coal boiler cost?

Keystoker coal boiler prices

The cost of a keystoker coal boiler depends on the size, but it can be anywhere from $4,500 to $12,000. The cost of a Keystoker coal boiler depends on the manufacturer. For example, Fangkuai makes high-quality boilers that are more expensive than others.

The cost of a Keystoker coal boiler also depends on which fuel type you want your boiler to run on: oil or gas or propane or wood pellets. Oil is cheaper than gas or propane but it smells bad when it burns so you’ll have to ventilate properly if you go with this option (which will add even more to your monthly utility bill). Wood pellets tend to be much more expensive than other kinds of fuel like oil and propane because they’re harder for contractors to find in stores nearby.

keystoker boiler for sale


And that’s a wrap on our Keystoker coal boiler review! We hope this article has given you some insight into what makes this product so great. If you have any further questions or comments about Keystoker, please contact us: at +0086 186-2391-5479.

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