Boiler system for feeding industry

Feeding Industry Boiler System Solutions

Wet granulation and wet extruding are the stages in which steam boilers are mainly used in the feed processing process, and the raw materials for granulation are conditioned by a conditioner. The steam generated by the boiler is used to raise the temperature of the material to 80-85°C, and the moisture reaches about 17%, and then it is made into pellets of different particle sizes through a granulator. Fangkuai Boiler is committed to providing dry saturated steam for the feed industry, increasing pelleting efficiency and pellet quality, and saving raw materials and energy consumption. It is an excellent choice for boiler equipment in the feed industry.

Boiler system solutions for pig feed mills

In people's daily life, it is inevitable to produce a large amount of garbage. If this garbage is not effectively disposed of, it will greatly affect people's daily living environment and even pose a threat to people's health. At present, incineration is the main solution to dispose of garbage, but in the process of incinerating garbage, in addition to causing secondary environmental pollution, it will also cause waste of resources and energy. Therefore, in waste disposal, waste incineration can be used to generate electricity.

Boiler system for pig feed mills Boiler for pig feed mills