Boiler system for brewing industry

Brewing Industry Boiler System Solutions

Whether it is brewing liquor, beer, or wine, in its production process, steam must be used for related work in processes such as fermentation and distillation. Fermentation is fermenting the mixture of koji and grain to produce alcohol. Distillation requires the use of distillers, condensers, and other equipment to extract the alcoholic substances in the grain. It can be seen from this that a steam boiler that can stably output high-temperature, high-quality steam is essential. Cleaner and more environmentally friendly gas-fired boilers and electric boilers have emerged in response to the trend, and are favored by major liquor companies because of their efficient operation and extremely low nitrogen oxide emissions.

Brewery Boiler System Solution

Winemaking requires fermentation, and fermentation should be carried out under a certain temperature and humidity environment. Generally speaking, grain crops that need to be brewed need to be fermented for 7-15 days in an environment of 20-25°C. This requires a boiler to maintain a constant temperature in the wine cellar.

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