Boiler system for building industry

Building Industry Boiler System Solutions

Building materials are the general term for materials used in civil engineering and construction engineering. Building materials such as cement, flat glass, sanitary ceramics, stone, and wall materials need to go through countless processes from the initial processing of raw materials to the completion of post-production. For temperature, pressure The requirements are very high. Once there is a change, it is very easy to cause damage to a large number of building materials. Therefore, when choosing boiler equipment that can maintain stable temperature and pressure, the building materials industry must pay attention to the long-term stability and continuous output of the boiler.

Mongolian road boiler system solution

The company that cooperates with Fangkuai Boiler this time is a construction company in Mongolia. The company had a steam boiler that powered a mixing station for mixing construction materials. But with the company's rising development trend, this steam boiler can no longer fully meet the company's demand for power sources. Therefore, the construction company urgently needed to purchase new steam boilers to output more heat.

Mongolian road boiler Mongolian road boiler system

>Underground pipeline construction boiler system solution

In the construction process of some underground pipelines, many hoses need to be transformed into hard pipes under certain high-temperature conditions to meet the requirements for pipelines in urban construction. Extend the service life of the pipeline and ensure the safety of urban construction. Maintaining this high-temperature condition requires the use of boiler equipment as a heat source.

Underground pipeline construction boiler Underground pipeline construction boiler system