Best Industrial Biomass Boiler Cost – Industrial Boiler Guide

Industrial Boiler Guide: Best Industrial Biomass Boiler Cost

The cost of replacing an Industrial biomass boiler is about $6,800 – $15,600, depending on the capacity, efficiency, brand, and other factors of the biomass boiler. An industrial biomass boiler is a type of boiler used to produce heat by burning biomass. Biomass can be wood, waste wood, straw, agricultural residues, or other types of organic material such as animal dung. The use of biomass for heating and power has increased in recent years due to concerns about fossil fuels and climate change.



What is an industrial biomass boiler?

Industrial biomass boiler system

An industrial biomass boiler is a type of boiler that uses biomass as fuel. Industrial biomass boilers are used in industries such as food, paper, and chemical industries. The biomass used in industrial boilers can be any plant matter, but the most common form is wood chips, sawdust, and other types of wood waste. Industrial biomass boilers are most often used in industries such as food, paper, and chemical industries where there are high levels of moisture present.

Industrial biomass boilers are also known as industrial biomass heaters because they provide heat for factories or other businesses. The main types of industrial boilers include:

  • Biomass gasifier – this type of boiler uses biomass to create steam that can be harnessed for energy use.
  • Block or Modular Boiler – these boilers are made up of several modules that can be added on to meet your heating needs; this option allows you to scale back your usage if needed in the future.


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How does an industrial biomass boiler work?

Industrial biomass boiler manufacturers

If you’re thinking about investing in an industrial biomass boiler for your business, the first thing to understand is how it works. The process of heating water in a biomass boiler is very similar to that of an oil or gas boiler, so if you are familiar with these systems, it will be easy to understand how a biomass system works.

A biomass boiler generates heat by burning wood chips, sawdust, and other waste materials. The resulting heat is used to boil water in order to generate steam that can be used to power turbines or generators that produce electricity. The process starts when fuel (such as wood pellets) is fed into a furnace where they are burned at high temperatures.

This creates hot gasses which flow through pipes before being transferred into an air preheater or superheater which raises their temperature even further by transferring energy from them into cold air passing by them in the opposite direction. This heated-up exhaust then enters another type of chamber called a turbine where it spins blades that turn a shaft connected on one end with gears on another that drive magnetically coupled generators.


industrial biomass boiler


Is an industrial biomass boiler worth it?

Industrial biomass steam boiler

If you have a business that uses large amounts of energy to heat its building, an industrial biomass boiler is a good choice for you. Not only does it have high efficiency, but there are many environmental benefits to choosing this type of boiler over other options. The boilers come in many sizes, so they can be customized for your particular needs.

If your company has been looking into ways to lower its overall operating costs and become more environmentally friendly, then installing an industrial biomass boiler should be considered. These boilers are easy to maintain and operate, which means they won’t require much attention once they’re installed. Additionally, these boilers produce less carbon dioxide than traditional fossil fuels such as coal or natural gas because they’re made from renewable sources such as wood chips instead of fossil fuels like coal or natural gas!


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How efficient are industrial biomass boilers?

Industrial biomass boiler efficiency

The efficiency of industrial biomass boilers is also quite impressive. With a low-pressure boiler, you can expect an efficiency rate of up to 90% and with a high-pressure boiler, you can achieve up to 98%. This means that 90% of the fuel is converted into heat for your building (which is then used to heat it). The remaining 10% becomes smoke and ash.

Industrial biomass boilers are more efficient than coal boilers or gas boilers because they produce fewer waste products and they save money. They’re also more efficient than solar panels since they use natural resources as opposed to sunlight which has limited hours per day during certain times of year (winter) or requires expensive equipment like batteries or inverters if installed off-grid.


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How long do industrial biomass boilers last?

Industrial biomass boiler lifespan

The industrial biomass boilers that we carry have an impressive lifespan. They’re made of high-quality materials and are designed to withstand the harshest conditions. In fact, you can expect your boiler to last 20-30 years or more!

In addition to being long-lasting, these industrial boilers are also durable. They’re made with heavy-duty materials that provide excellent protection against corrosion and rust. This means they’ll hold up well over time even when exposed to rain, snow, and other harsh weather conditions.

This durability makes them great choices for businesses like factories or warehouses that need heating systems in order to function properly but don’t want something cheap or flimsy that won’t hold up under pressure over time.


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How much does an industrial biomass boiler cost?

Industrial biomass boiler price

The cost of an industrial biomass boiler varies depending on the size and capacity, as well as efficiency. A larger biomass boiler is going to be more expensive than a smaller one because it needs to produce more heat in order to meet the demands of your commercial or industrial facility. Here are some of the more important ones:

  • Size: The bigger your boiler is, the more expensive it’ll likely be—though there may be economies of scale that will help bring down costs as you go up in size. A biomass boiler with a 1-ton capacity can usually be purchased for less than $10,000 (or even less if you buy used), while a 10-ton model might cost $100,000 or more.
  • Efficiency rating: If you want to save money on fuel and energy bills, then look for an industrial biomass boiler that has an efficiency rating above 85%. This means that 85% or more of all energy fed into the system becomes usable heat and electricity rather than being wasted through poor design or sloppy maintenance practices—a problem that can significantly increase your operating costs over time!
  • Cost: The price of an industrial biomass boiler will depend on a number of factors, such as size and capacity. Generally speaking, industrial biomass heaters are more expensive than gas boilers or oil boilers, but they’re also less expensive than solar or wind power (and much cleaner!).

The cost will also depend on whether you buy or lease your biomass boiler. If you purchase your biomass boiler outright, then obviously it’s going to cost significantly more than if you were leasing one instead. However, purchasing an industrial biomass boiler may be cheaper in the long run since there are no monthly fees associated with leasing one (at least until the end of your contract).


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In this article, we’ve explored the benefits of industrial biomass boilers as well as some of their key features. Biomass is an important source of renewable energy that can be used in various ways to improve our lives, and it is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners around the world. If you want to know more about industrial biomass boilers, please contact us: at +0086 186-2391-5479.


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