25-Ton Water Tube Steam Boiler Project for the Oilfield

  • Project Schedule

    March 2022
  • Project Location

  • Boiler Type

    Steam Boiler
  • Fuel Type

    Natural Gas
25-Ton Water Tube Steam Boiler Project for the Oilfield

Project Introduction

Haishunde primarily operates in the production and processing of specialized oils for oil fields. In the refining of these specialty oils, a substantial amount of steam is required for oil and gas refining, distillation, and extraction processes. Therefore, boilers play a pivotal role in supplying this essential steam equipment to Haishunde. With the continuous evolution of environmental protection policies, the chemical industry, known for its significant environmental impact, has garnered substantial attention from various quality oversight authorities. Aligning itself with the national environmental protection initiatives, Haishunde Company has chosen to partner with Fangkuai Boiler, a leader in the clean boiler industry. After a rapid on-site assessment of Haishunde’s specific requirements, Fangkuai Boiler provided them with an SZS series 25-ton water-tube steam boiler (SZS25-2.0-Y.Q).

Product Advantages

This boiler exemplifies environmental friendliness, boasting high efficiency and low consumption. Its “D”-shaped structure simplifies operation and maintenance, with a horizontally installed burner. The boiler’s compact width and height design, paired with a long-direction heating surface arrangement, facilitate straightforward installation and versatile usage. To ensure the boiler’s reliable operation, it comes equipped with a robust safety interlock mechanism, pressure controller, transmitter, water level alarm, safety valve, explosion-proof door, and multiple other safety measures.

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