Boiler system for paper industry

Paper Industry Boiler System Solutions

From rough raw materials to flat and clean paper, a piece of paper has undergone countless washings and refinements before it is presented to us. Pulping, modulation, papermaking, and post-processing From pulping to modulation, to papermaking and post-processing, industrial steam boilers are required to provide power. Secondly, the high-temperature and high-quality steam output by the steam boiler will also be transported to various links through pipelines. It is fully mixed with raw materials and becomes one of the raw materials for each step. It can be said that the quality of steam will directly affect the quality of the paper.

Paper mills boiler system solution

After thousands of years of complex evolution, the papermaking process has gradually formed a complete set of manufacturing processes. Pulping is the first step in papermaking. In this link, the cooking of separated fibers, as well as the subsequent steps of washing, bleaching, and concentration, all require a large amount of energy from industrial steam boilers. Secondly, the high temperature and high output of steam boilers The high-quality steam will also be transported to each link through pipelines, fully mixed with raw materials, and become one of the raw materials for the pulping step.

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