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Food Industry Boiler System Solutions

In the application of boilers in food factories, the proportion of steam boilers is very large. Distillation, extraction, disinfection, drying, aging, and other steps are inseparable from it. Through pipeline transportation, the high-temperature steam generated by the steam boiler is transported to the corresponding process, considering that this high-temperature steam will directly or indirectly contact with food. Therefore, the food processing industry has very high requirements for steam boilers. Whether the temperature is constant, whether the pressure is stable, and whether the steam quality is excellent are the key factors that determine the final quality of food.

Vermicelli factory boiler system solution

Turning fresh mangoes into dried mangoes that are easy to store and transport requires various processes such as treatment, pickling, and drying. In order to ensure the taste and quality of dried mangoes, measures such as disinfection and sterilization are also required. These are all inseparable from the help of steam boilers. Steam boilers can not only be used as a power source but also the high-temperature steam delivered can be directly transported to various processes to participate in processing.

Vermicelli factory boiler Vermicelli factory boiler system

Dairy factory boiler system solutions

With the gradual increase of our country's environmental governance, various industries are undergoing a transformation in environmental protection. The discharge of waste gas and wastewater during food processing cannot be ignored, and the country’s supervision on this issue has become more stringent. Replacing clean boiler products is the fundamental means to solve the problem. Traditional coal-fired boilers will be banned or reformed due to problems such as pollutant emissions that cannot be completely solved. Clean oil-fired gas-fired boilers are favored by the food industry for their outstanding environmental protection characteristics.

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