Boiler system for heating industry

Heating Industry Boiler System Solutions

According to Fangkuai Boiler's experience in cooperation with heating companies over the years, most companies will choose hot water boilers for heating and domestic hot water supply. There are also some companies that choose steam boilers to provide power for the production of the company in addition to heating. When choosing a heating boiler, it is necessary to consider the actual situation of the heating project site, such as the height of the building, the heating method, the heating area, and whether it is an energy-saving building, etc., and then use the thermodynamic formula to accurately calculate the needs of the heating unit. boiler tonnage.

Leisure club boiler system solution

The leisure club is to provide people with a comfortable place to rest and relax in their spare time outside of daily life and work. Today's leisure clubs can not only provide regular services such as bathing and hot springs, but also include entertainment items such as swimming, fitness, and playing cards to meet people's needs.

Leisure club boiler Leisure club boiler system

Apartment boiler system solution

There are a lot of people in the apartment. When choosing a hot water boiler, safety, and stable operation should be given top priority, and it must also meet local environmental protection standards. Starting from the apartment manager level, we must also pay attention to the operating efficiency of the boiler. Only a high-efficiency hot water boiler can save the overall input cost and improve the cost performance.

Apartment boiler Apartment boiler system

School heating + domestic hot water boiler system solution

School units use boilers mainly to supply heating and sanitary hot water, and some schools also need to supply steam for cooking rice in the kitchen. Therefore, school units can choose to use steam boilers or hot water boilers. If you choose a steam boiler, you also need to configure a heat exchanger. The high-temperature steam passes through the heat exchanger and transfers heat to hot water for heating.

School hot water boiler School hot water boiler system