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Boiler Heat Unit Calculation Tool

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Instructions for unit conversion:
1. Calorie: the heat unit is equivalent to the engineering unit kcal/kg (kcal); boiler capacity: the evaporation capacity of the boiler, which is divided into rated evaporation capacity and maximum continuous evaporation capacity (B-MCR) , Unit: t/h or kg/s
2. The power of the steam boiler is also called the evaporation capacity, which is the amount of turning water into steam per hour: tons/hour (T/h) or kilograms/hour (kg/ h).
A ton of boiler can turn one ton of water into steam per hour. In our country, the corresponding relationship between steam boiler evaporation and power is: 1T/h=1000kg/h=0.72MW=720kW≈955Hp (horsepower) 1MW=10^6W 1kW=1000W 1Hp (1 horsepower, one horse)=0.745 kW 1 ton/hour (t/h) ≈60×10^4 kcal (kcal)/hour (kcal/h) ≈0.7 megawatt (MW) ≈720K kilowatt (KW)
3. Tonnage of the boiler It means that the heat sent by the boiler per hour is equivalent to the heat of saturated steam of the corresponding tonnage
4. 1 megawatt (hour) = 1000 kilowatt (hour) 1 kilowatt (hour) = 1 kilowatt * hour = 1000 watt * 3600 Seconds = 3.6*10^6 joules 1 cal = 4.18 joules 1 kcal = 1 kcal = 4.18 kJ Boiler capacity megawatts represent the power of a boiler.

Hot Water Load Calculation

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Steam Load Calculation

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Hot Water Cost Calculation

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Steam Cost Calculation

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