Anyang Power Plant 2-Ton Condensing Oil Steam Boiler Project

  • Project Schedule

    May 2021
  • Project Location

    Anyang, Henan
  • Boiler Type

    Steam Boiler
  • Fuel Type

    Diesel Oil
Power Plant 2-Ton Condensing Oil Steam Boiler

Project Introduction

Boilers are important energy conversion equipment among the three main equipment of power plants. It can convert the chemical energy of the fuel into thermal energy and use the thermal energy to heat the water in the boiler. The steam it produces is used in steam turbines. This time, Anyang Power Supply Company purchased a 2-ton condensing oil steam boiler from our company to meet its power generation needs.

Product Advantages

This series of boilers adopts a shell-type fully wet back downstream three-pass structure. The flame burns under slight positive pressure in the large combustion chamber, and the combustion heat load is low. The integrated waste heat utilization solution provided based on the function of the steam boiler maximizes boiler efficiency.

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