Boiler fuel consumption is the amount of oil or gas that is used in a boiler per hour, day, or week. This can help you to find out how much it will cost to run your boiler and figure out if it is worth upgrading to a more efficient model. You can also use this information when calculating how much you need to budget for heating bills each month.

How much oil does an oil boiler use per hour?

You can calculate the amount of oil a boiler will use in one hour by using this formula:

  • Boiler fuel consumption = total heat output (kW) / 1000 * 0.8

For example, if you have a 50 kW electric boiler and it’s running at full capacity all day long, then your daily fuel consumption would be 50 kW / 1000 * 0.8 = 40 liters per day.

How many gallons of heating oil do you burn a day?

To calculate the amount of heating oil you will use in a day, you need to know how many gallons are required to heat your home.

To find out how many gallons of heating oil are needed to heat your house, multiply the square footage by 10 (for example 100 square feet x 10 = 1,000). Then divide that number by 2 (1,000/2=500). Finally, add five percent for safety’s sake (500+5=505). This is the total amount of gallons that must be added daily in order for your home to stay warm enough through cold weather conditions!

How do you calculate fuel consumption?

Fuel consumption is the amount of fuel used in a period of time. It can be calculated by dividing the total amount of fuel used by the time taken to complete a task or journey.

For example, if your boiler uses 10 gallons per hour (GPH) and runs for 4 hours each day, then it will use 40 gallons per day (or 1 gallon every 20 minutes). So we have a total running time of 16 hours per week or 96 hours per month (4 x 24). Fuel consumption is 160 gallons per week and 960 gallons per month.

There are several factors that affect fuel consumption, including:

  • The size of the boiler and its configuration (single or multiple burners).
  • The type and grade of fuel used in your boiler system.
  • The efficiency rating of your burner(s).

How do you calculate heating oil consumption?

To calculate heating oil consumption, you will need to know how many gallons of fuel are in your tank and how many hours you ran the heater. The first step is to measure the depth of fuel in your tank. It’s best to do this at least once every six months so that you can keep track of exactly how much oil remains in your tank.

Next, take note of how many hours per day and days per week (or month) you used heaters during those specific periods. You should also make note of any special circumstances that occurred (such as holidays) during which time usage might have been different than normal levels.

Finally, multiply together all three pieces of data: gallons used per month x hours used per day x number of weeks in a month.

How do you calculate the fuel consumption of a furnace?

The amount of fuel consumed by a furnace is calculated in gallons per hour. It’s important to know that the fuel consumption of a furnace depends on the size of the furnace, the type of fuel used, and its efficiency.

The size of your furnace. This is measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units). A BTU is equal to approximately 1/10th of a gallon. So if your furnace has an output of 50,000 BTUs per hour and runs for 8 hours every day with no breaks, it will burn through 400 gallons of fuel each day (50k / 10 = 5k * 8hrs = 40k).

The type of fuel being used by your appliance or device. For example natural gas or propane, and its cost per unit ($/gal).

How many gallons of oil does a house use a day?

If you want to calculate how many gallons of oil your house uses per day, you can do so by multiplying the number of hours your boiler is on by the rate of oil consumption per hour.

For example: If your boiler runs for 12 hours every day and consumes 3 gallons (0.5 liters) during that time period, then it will use 36 gallons (100 liters) over a week’s time. It will use 144 gallons (400 liters) over a month’s time.

How much does it cost to run oil fired central heating per hour?

So, you want to know how much it costs to run oil-fired central heating per hour? Well, that depends on how much fuel you use and what the price of that fuel is. You can calculate the cost of running your oil-fired central heating by multiplying the hourly rate for fuel by how many hours you use it. The calculation is based on an average price per liter of fuel.

For example, if you pay $1 per liter and use 50 liters per hour then your total cost would be 50 x $1 = $50 per hour.


Now that we have discussed the various methods to calculate heating oil consumption. You should be able to determine how much fuel your home uses on a daily basis. This will help you when you want to switch from a central fuel system or furnace to another fuel (natural gas or electricity).

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