Electric hot water boiler is also called electric heating hot water boiler or electric hot water boiler. It generates heat energy through electric heating and then converts it into energy. It transfers the heat to the water in the boiler, so that the temperature of the water rises and finally reaches the set temperature standard.
Gas boiler is a hot water boiler product for gas fuels such as natural gas. It is the most used fuel boiler after coal-fired boiler and occupies an important market position.
So which one is better, electric hot water boiler or natural gas boiler? I will explain it in detail next, I hope it can help you.

Advantages of electric hot water boiler

1. The whole set of electric boiler equipment occupies a small area and does not require chimneys or fuel slag storage places.
The product is assembled and shipped from the factory. It only needs to connect the power supply and water pipes on site to be put into operation, which can greatly save infrastructure investment and installation costs.

2. High thermal efficiency, convenient transportation and small loss.
The operating thermal efficiency of electric boiler is above 99%. It is convenient to start and stop, which can save more energy than coal boiler.

3. High degree of automation and modular operation
The electric boiler adopts automatic control to quickly and smoothly control the circulation of electric heating tube group. When the hot water temperature reaches the set temperature value, the boiler automatically exits the operation mode, greatly reducing the operating costs. In addition, the product realizes mechatronics, does not require a full-time boiler operator, saves costs, and avoids accidents caused by human factors.

4. Safe and reliable operation
Electric boilers have multiple protection functions such as leakage protection, short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, pressure overlimit protection, and low water level protection.

5. Protect the environment
Electric boilers do not emit harmful gases such as sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide, no black smoke, dust, no waste to be processed, no noise, and no pollution.

electric hot water boiler

Disadvantages of electric hot water boiler

1. electric water boiler price: Electric hot water boilers use electricity as a heat source, and the operating cost of electricity is relatively high, especially for large boilers, such as 0.7MW (1 ton) electric heating hot water boilers, which consume 700 kWh of electricity per hour.

2. Scaling problems may occur in water quality: The heating method of electric hot water boilers may cause scaling problems in water quality, and regular cleaning and maintenance are required to ensure the long-term stable operation of the boiler. ‌

3. There are many main circuit boards, and maintenance needs to be paid attention to: Electric water boilers have many main circuit boards, so maintenance needs to be paid enough attention to. ‌ Otherwise, circuit aging may easily lead to unexpected fires.

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Advantages of gas water boiler

1. High efficiency and energy saving: The use of advanced technology and high-quality equipment can efficiently utilize gas energy, provide stable hot water output, and have high energy utilization efficiency. Compared with traditional boilers, it can greatly reduce energy consumption. ‌

2. Safe and reliable: The design fully considers safety factors and is equipped with a variety of safety protection devices, such as flameout protection, overpressure protection, water shortage protection, etc., which can effectively ensure safety in use. ‌ In addition, the boiler also adopts an automatic control system to reduce manual operation and human errors, and improve the reliability and stability of the equipment. ‌

3. Flexible and convenient: The temperature and flow of hot water can be flexibly adjusted according to actual needs to meet the needs of different places and users. At the same time, gas hot water boilers have the characteristics of small size, light weight, and easy mobility, and can be easily installed in different places, such as hotels, schools, hospitals, etc.

4. Environmental protection and sanitation: It uses clean energy, and no pollutants such as black smoke and exhaust gas will be produced during the combustion process, which is environmentally friendly. In addition, gas hot water boilers are also equipped with dust removal and desulfurization devices, which can effectively reduce the emission of pollutants.

5. Easy maintenance: It is made of advanced combustion technology and high-quality materials, and has a long service life and a low failure rate. At the same time, the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment are relatively simple, and only regular inspection and cleaning of the equipment are required to maintain normal operation.

industrial hot water boiler

Disadvantages of gas hot water boiler

1. Unstable hot water supply: The hot water supply of gas boilers is limited by gas pipelines. When the gas pipeline supply is insufficient, the hot water supply will be unstable. ‌

2. Risk of gas leakage: Gas boilers use gas as fuel, and there is a risk of gas leakage, so you need to pay attention to safety when using them. ‌

3. High maintenance cost: Due to the complexity of gas boilers, the maintenance cost is high. ‌

4. Usage restrictions: When using gas boilers, it is necessary to open a natural gas pipeline locally, and gas boilers cannot be used in remote areas. ‌

5. High opening fee: Before use, you need to pay the opening fee for natural gas, which is a high fee. ‌

6. Dependence on gas supply: Unstable gas source may affect use, gas leakage also has a certain risk. ‌

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Electric hot water boilers and natural gas hot water boilers have their own advantages and disadvantages. Our users should choose according to their own situation and local market conditions, such as different electricity prices in different regions, whether the natural gas pipeline is connected, the economic strength of the enterprise, etc. Only the one that suits you is the best.

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