Many companies engineer and build quality boilers. Here are ten leading boiler manufacturers serving industries worldwide:

1. Cleaver-Brooks

Cleaver-Brooks is a complete system provider for industrial boilers, burners, and accessories. Their boilers cover industrial, commercial, and institutional applications.

Company Overview: Formed in 1929, Cleaver-Brooks is now a subsidiary of Aqua-Chem and provides steam generation solutions worldwide. Their headquarters is in Thomasville, Georgia, USA.

Key Products: Firetube and watertube boilers, electric boilers, heat recovery boilers, modular boilers, burners, economizers, blowdown systems, and controls.

Industries Served: Food processing, manufacturing, universities, hospitals, commercial buildings, oil and gas, power generation.

Why They’re a Top Manufacturer: Cleaver-Brooks offers comprehensive engineering capability and a wide range of boilers and components for any steam need. Their quality solutions improve efficiency and deliver reliable long-term operation.

Cleaver Brooks

2. Miura

Miura manufactures innovative steam boilers that are compact, efficient, and modular. Their boilers serve multiple industries globally.

Company Overview: Formed in Japan in 1959, Miura opened US manufacturing in the 1970s. They specialize in small quick-start boilers in a modular configuration.

Key Products: Modular steam boilers, pressurized water boilers, heat recovery boilers, exhaust gas boilers, vertical boilers, and control systems.

Industries Served: Healthcare, food processing, chemical, manufacturing, oil and gas, textile, utilities, temporary steam needs.

Why They’re a Top Manufacturer: Miura pioneered modular boiler technology that provides flexible, efficient, low NOx steam generation for diverse applications. Their innovative designs enhance energy efficiency.


3. Superior Boiler Works

Superior Boiler provides American-made steam boilers and hot water boilers for industrial and commercial use.

Company Overview: Founded in 1917, this US-based company focuses on robust pressure vessel fabrication. They sell boilers globally through an international dealer network.

Key Products: Horizontal and vertical firetube boilers, scotch marine boilers, condensing boilers, feedwater systems, blowdown separators, and controls.

Industries Served: Manufacturing, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, healthcare, universities, district heating, petrochemicals, refineries.

Why They’re a Top Manufacturer: Superior Boiler’s heavy-duty designs provide reliable steam generation for diverse applications. Their boilers operate at high efficiencies with low emissions, providing excellent performance and longevity.

Superior Boiler Works

4. Fulton Companies

Fulton specializes in complete industrial and commercial boiler systems for steam and hot water applications.

Company Overview: Fulton has been building boilers since 1949. They operate manufacturing plants in the USA and UK, with a worldwide distribution network.

Key Products: Vertical coil firetube boilers, vertical spiral rib boilers, condensing boilers, heat recovery boilers, controls, and ancillaries.

Industries Served: Food processing, marine vessels, healthcare, commercial HVAC, manufacturing, oil and gas, and data centers.

Why They’re a Top Manufacturer: Fulton offers versatile boiler designs that are compact yet powerful. Their full-system approach delivers turnkey steam and hot water generation solutions for diverse industries.

Fulton Companies

5. Clayton Industries

Clayton Industries is an international leader in steam generator and heat recovery systems.

Company Overview: Founded in 1930, Clayton provides a wide range of steam equipment with manufacturing facilities in the USA and Belgium. Their headquarters is in the City of Industry, California.

Key Products: Small once-through generators, flue gas waste heat boilers, jacketed steam heat exchangers, and steam accumulators.

Industries Served: Brewing, food processing, sterilization, paper, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, chemical.

Why They’re a Top Manufacturer: Clayton offers specialized boilers providing immediate steam on demand, rapid cycling, and compact size at high efficiencies. Their custom designs suit challenging steam applications.

Clayton Industries

6. Nationwide Boiler Inc.

Nationwide Boiler supplies rental and temporary boilers as well as new and reconditioned boiler systems.

Company Overview: Founded in 1967, this company provides boiler solutions for temporary and permanent steam and hot water needs. They have an extensive rental boiler fleet.

Key Products: Rental steam boilers, hot water boilers, mobile boiler rooms, reconditioned boilers, feedwater systems, blowdown recovery.

Industries Served: Manufacturing, healthcare, universities, data centers, events, food and beverage, construction.

Why They’re a Top Manufacturer: Nationwide Boiler’s large rental boiler inventory provides immediate steam generation for planned or emergency outages. Their reconditioning services also optimize boiler life.

Nationwide Boiler Inc.

7. Rentech Boilers

Rentech Boilers manufactures and installs industrial water boilers, waste heat boilers, and fluidized bed boilers.

Company Overview: Established in 1998, Rentech provides high-quality boilers and heat recovery systems from their plant in Abilene, Texas. They sell worldwide.

Key Products: Field-erected water boilers, shop-assembled boilers, HRSG heat recovery boilers, and fluidized bed boilers.

Industries Served: Power generation, chemical and petrochemical plants, oil refining and oil sands, steel mills, pulp and paper mills.

Why They’re a Top Manufacturer: Rentech supplies heavy-duty boilers purpose-built for demanding industrial processes and large power facilities. Their systems operate reliably at high efficiencies.

Rentech Boilers

8. Vapor Power

Vapor Power manufactures industrial water boilers and boiler accessory equipment.

Company Overview: Formed in 1923, this firm designs and builds a range of high-quality boiler room equipment for customers worldwide. They are based in Illinois, USA.

Key Products: Field-erected boilers, packaged boilers, superheaters, economizers, air preheaters, blowdown tanks, and waste heat boilers.

Industries Served: Chemicals, oil refining, primary metals, food processing, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, commercial HVAC.

Why They’re a Top Manufacturer: Vapor Power is recognized for robust boiler designs that provide reliable high-pressure steam generation. Their accessories enhance boiler plant efficiency and operations.

Vapor Power

9. Victory Energy

Victory Energy manufactures a range of industrial water boilers. They offer boilers, parts, and service.

Company Overview: Founded in 1945, Victory Energy operates from Wisconsin, USA, and supplies boilers globally. They also offer reconditioning services.

Key Products: Packaged watertube boilers, packaged vertical firetube boilers, boiler parts, deaerators, and feedwater systems.

Industries Served: Food and beverage, manufacturing, chemical, paper and pulp, institutional, commercial HVAC.

Why They’re a Top Manufacturer: Victory Energy produces robust, American-made boilers and provides excellent after-sales support. Their diverse boiler configurations suit wide-ranging steam applications.

Victory Energy

10. Parker Boiler

Parker Boiler provides a range of steam and hot water boilers, heat exchangers, and ancillary equipment.

Company Overview: Formed in 1937, Parker Boiler is a US-based company manufacturing boilers, heat exchangers, condensate return systems, blowdown separators, surge tanks, and controls. Their headquarters is in Los Angeles, California.

Key Products: Firetube and watertube steam boilers, high-temperature hot water boilers, heat recovery boilers, feedwater systems, condensate systems, and blowdown separators.

Industries Served: Manufacturing, food and beverage, healthcare, universities, commercial HVAC, oil and gas, and power generation.

Why They’re a Top Manufacturer: Parker Boiler offers versatile boiler and hot water solutions backed by in-house R&D and engineering expertise. Their systems are optimized for high efficiency and built to suit customer requirements.

With a large installed base across industries, Parker Boiler provides reliable American-made boilers and responsive service for the operational lifetime of their products. Their systems integrate seamlessly into boiler rooms for optimum steam and hot water generation.

Parker Boiler


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