The 2023 China International Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Sanitary Ware, and Comfortable Home System Exhibition, known as the “China Heating Exhibition,” is set to take place at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing from May 11th to 13th. Fangkuai Boiler, a leading expert in the heating industry, will make its presence felt at this event, showcasing its innovative new product “Duoao” alongside cutting-edge green heating solutions. This gathering promises to delve into industry development trends, unveil the latest advancements in green heating technology, and bring together industry leaders from around the world to discuss the “double carbon” challenge while seeking opportunities for industry growth. Fangkuai Boiler’s active participation not only underscores its commitment to China’s clean heating market but also highlights its role as a seasoned technology leader with 25 years of expertise.

As a representative of Northern enterprises, Fangkuai has inherited the pragmatism and resilience typical of such businesses. At this exhibition, Fangkuai’s latest “Duo’ao” product has drawn widespread attention and discussion. The “Duao” series boasts exceptional performance, rock-solid stability, and an ultra-low exhaust temperature of 20°C. It achieves multi-energy coupling and complementarity, earning high praise from customers. The strong debut of the “Duo” series ushers in personalized customization solutions for gas boiler heating technology, enabling customers to continue benefiting from Fangkuai’s highly adaptable, intelligent, and interconnected integrated systems, meeting the diverse needs of customers and ushering in a new era of clean heating.

Thanks to its technological allure and practical applications, Fangkuai garnered significant attention on the first day of the exhibition, attracting industry experts, exhibitors, and peers for discussions, communications, negotiations, and even the initiation of several cooperative agreements. Many industry colleagues flocked to explore Fangkuai’s technological uniqueness. Undoubtedly, Fangkuai emerged as a prominent figure on the very first day of the exhibition, becoming the focal point of attention throughout the exhibition hall.

During the exhibition, Fangkuai’s R&D experts convened for knowledge sharing sessions. Topics like “Application of Combustion and Heat Exchange Technology in Large-scale Equipment under the Dual-Carbon Policy” and “Double-Effect Deep Condensation Technology” took center stage, drawing applause and fostering a warm and engaging atmosphere.

Since the inception of the “carbon peaking” and “carbon neutrality” goals, the boiler market has encountered fresh opportunities and challenges. Against the backdrop of the nation’s push for an industry-university-research innovation cooperation model, Fangkuai Boiler has steadfastly adhered to technological innovation. The company is dedicated to providing customers with comprehensive planning that aligns with the energy transformation paradigm and delivers “boiler +” services. Over the years, Fangkuai has distinguished itself through forward-thinking, pragmatic, and innovative practices and initiatives. The company has not only become a trailblazing enterprise in Northern heating but has also set a stellar example of diversified boiler services. As the nation rallies to achieve its “double carbon” objectives, Fangkuai Boiler stands as a proactive advocate and a pioneering force, driving the green development, transformation, and advancement of China’s HVAC industry.

About the author

About the author

Yunchong Shang

Yunchong is a seasoned boiler expert with over five years of hands-on experience in the boiler industry. He has expertise in various types of boilers, including fire-tube, water-tube, and steam boilers, while also staying up-to-date with the latest technological boiler.

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