Best Affordable Electric Boiler Installation Cost

Best Affordable Electric Boiler Installation Cost

The average cost of an electric boiler installation is between £650 and £1,200. The cost of an electric boiler installation will depend on the size and type of boiler you choose. With rising energy costs and higher temperatures, more homeowners are looking for a solution that can heat their houses efficiently. Installing an electric boiler is one such solution that heats water when the house needs it most. If you have an older boiler or one that’s not designed to handle the water needs of your household, it might be time for an upgrade!

How to install an electric boiler?

Electric boiler installation

Installing an electric boiler is easy and fast. You can have it installed in a day by a professional, or you may choose to do it yourself if you have some basic plumbing skills. Here are the steps:

  • Remove your old hot water tank and drain it completely.
  • Disconnect all electrical connections from your old hot water tank, then remove it from the house using a hand truck (or two).
  • Attach new electric hot water tank to existing wiring for gas-fired tanks or electric service junction box for electric ones (not shown). Securely tighten any parts that need to be secured before proceeding with the next step: * Attach compression fitting onto hose bibb; this connection will feed cold water into the heating element when needed via the incoming supply line containing the cold water supply valve & solenoid valve assembly


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Can I install an electric boiler myself?

Electric combi boiler installation

Before you decide to install the electric boiler yourself, there are a few things that you need to know and be comfortable with.

  • You will need to have the qualifications necessary for a plumber.
  • You will need access to all of the tools required for the job, including power tools and hand tools.
  • You should have training in how to use these tools and what safety precautions are required when working with them.
  • You should also have adequate insurance coverage in case anything goes wrong while installing your new boiler or during any repairs made afterward.


electric boiler installation


Can an electrician install an electric boiler?

Electric water boiler installation

You may be wondering if your home electrician can safely install an electric boiler. The answer is yes! To install this type of boiler, the electrician must:

  • Be certified by the National Board for Certification of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Contractors (NHVAC).
  • Be qualified to perform all aspects of furnace installation, repair, and maintenance.
  • Be registered with the United States Department of Labor Bureau of Apprenticeship Training (BALT). This registration allows individuals to recruit new apprentices and supervise their training in addition to performing plumbing tasks like installing a water heater or drain line replacement.


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Is it worth installing an electric boiler?

Electric boiler vs gas boiler

Electric boilers are a great choice for many people. They’re cheaper to run than gas or oil, they’re cheaper to install, and they’re more efficient.

The first advantage of an electric boiler is the price. Electric boilers don’t require fuel such as oil or gas, so their prices are much lower than those of other kinds of heating systems. This makes them ideal for anyone who is trying to save money on their energy bills—whether that means living in an older home with less insulation, or just trying to save some cash on any old day!

The second big plus about electric boilers is how easy they are to install yourself: while professional installation services may be more expensive overall (due to both labor costs and parts), if you want something straightforward then this should be no problem at all because there won’t be any complicated parts involved at all!


electric boiler installation diagram


How long does it take to install an electric boiler?

Electric boiler installation diagram

Installing an electric boiler isn’t a complicated process, but it does require some time and effort. The first step is to determine the size of your new boiler. You should also make sure that you have enough space in your home for your new boiler’s location. If you’re installing a boiler in a new home, it can take 1-2 days. If you’re upgrading an existing one, it could take anywhere from 4 to 7 days to complete the job. and includes:

  • Laying out the piping system
  • Installing the tank or cylinder
  • Attaching pipes to heat exchangers


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How much does it cost to install an electric boiler?

Electric boiler installation cost

The cost of installing an electric boiler depends on the size and type of boiler you choose. The average cost of an electric boiler installation is between £600 and £1,100, but this can vary depending on the size of your house and the type of boiler you choose. If you are replacing a broken or obsolete system, expect to pay more than if it were new.

For example, if you’re looking for a small-scale heating system that uses water from your hot tap to provide enough heat for one or two rooms in your home, then an electric combi boiler should be sufficient for your needs at a much lower price than more powerful options like LPG boilers or oil-fired boilers would cost. However, if you’ve got bigger requirements for heating larger areas quickly (such as several rooms simultaneously), then it could make sense to invest in an Oil Boiler instead which provides more power by burning liquid fuel instead of relying solely on hot water taps.

If this seems like too much money for your budget right now, look into financing plans that will allow you to pay off your new heating system over time with no interest charges.


electric boiler installation cost



An electric boiler is cheaper to run than a gas or oil one, which means you could save money on your energy bills. It’s also more environmentally friendly as it doesn’t use fossil fuels and can be fitted in smaller spaces than other types of central heating systems. The installation process is relatively straightforward if you’ve got some experience with DIY jobs around the house or work with an experienced engineer who can get everything put together quickly without any hassle. If you want to know more about electric boiler installation, please contact us: at +0086 186-2391-5479.


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