V6 Oil Fired Hot Water Boiler

V6 Oil Fired Hot Water Boiler

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Product Parameters:

Rated thermal power: 99Kw

Rated thermal efficiency: 97.2-104.4%

Pressure: 1.0MPa

Available fuel: natural gas

Product Description:

This series of boilers is a vertical structure. It uses advanced condensation technology to achieve condensation without an economizer. The overall footprint is only 1.4m³, and the exhaust temperature is as low as 50°C. It can continuously deliver hot water to schools, shopping malls, hotels, offices, and other places.

Product Advantages:

Intelligent modular system

The control system can preset multiple boilers to control the number of boilers and the operating status according to the requirements.

High efficiency and energy saving

Highly advanced condensing technology ensures efficient energy use and boiler operating efficiency is increased to 104%.

High combustion efficiency

The unique full-premixed combustion system greatly improves the fuel’s combustion efficiency; it also reduces COx and NOx emissions.

To meet drinking water standards

The boiler is built with a food-grade enamel coating. The effluent meets the drinking water standard and has anti-corrosion, anti-rust, and anti-shedding properties.

V6 Oil Fired Hot Water Boiler Anatomy

V6 Gas Fired Hot Water Boiler Anatomy