Best-selling Gas Fired Thermal Oil Boiler – Thermal Oil Boiler

Best-selling Gas Fired Thermal Oil Boiler – Thermal Oil Boiler

A thermal oil boiler is a type of fluid-fired boiler that uses thermal oil as its primary fuel. The term “thermal” refers to the fact that the fuel and water are heated together so that neither needs to be stored at high temperatures. Thermal oil boilers are typically used for industrial and commercial applications, such as those found in bakeries or food processing plants.



What is a thermal oil boiler?

Thermal oil heat exchanger

A thermal oil boiler is a type of heating unit that uses thermal fluid to heat your home. The fluid is heated by burning oil, gas, or fuel oil, which makes it a highly efficient way to heat your home.

A thermal oil boiler will use up to 13 gallons of fuel per hour depending on the model you have. This can vary based on how much area is being heated and what temperature you want it set at.

The advantages of this type of system include:

  • They offer an excellent way to provide yourself with central heating without having to pay very high bills every month;
  • They are relatively easy to install as long as you know what you’re doing;
  • They’re cheaper than most other types of systems out there today because they don’t require any electrical work or ductwork so they won’t cost anything extra;


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Q What kind of fuel does your boiler use?


What are the properties of thermal oil?

Thermal oil heating system

Thermal oil is a mixture of hydrocarbons and other compounds used for heat transfer. It can exist in several different states, including liquid and gas. The density of thermal oil depends on its composition, pressure, and temperature. The specific gravity (g/cm³) of thermal oil refers to their relative densities under standard conditions: 0°C and 760 mmHg (1013 hPa).

The viscosity of thermal oil varies based on the type of application it is used for; viscosity values range from 200 centistokes (CST) to more than 5000 CST at 100 °C depending on its composition.


thermal oil boiler


How does a thermal oil boiler work?

Thermal oil boiler working principle

A thermal oil boiler is a heating system that uses thermal oil as a medium. Thermal oil boilers are used in homes and businesses to produce hot water, steam, and heat.

Thermal oil boilers are closed-loop systems, which means they recycle their heat. Through the use of thermal coils within the system’s pipes, water from your home’s supply line is heated up by the thermal coil before being returned to your house through another pipe network.* The heated water then goes into your home’s hot water tank so that it can be used for showering or bathing at any time you need it.



What are the advantages of thermal fluid heaters?

Thermal oil heat exchanger

Thermal oil heaters have some advantages that you should know about.

  • Low maintenance: The thermal fluid heaters are very low maintenance, and you don’t need to replace the parts as often. When compared to other types of boilers, this is a big advantage for thermal oil heating systems because there are fewer things that can go wrong with them.
  • Long life: The life expectancy of these boilers is also longer than other types – typically 15 years or more depending on your specific model and usage patterns. This means you won’t need to worry about buying another one anytime soon!
  • Low emissions: Another great thing about thermal oil heaters is their ability to reduce carbon monoxide pollution by up to 90% when compared with other fuel sources like natural gas or propane-fired boilers (source). This makes them ideal for homes located near parks or farms where farm animals live nearby–and it shows how committed manufacturers were towards making their products eco-friendly as well as energy efficient at once! You’ll feel good knowing that your home’s environment won’t suffer any severe consequences due to its location near livestock farms–and neither will yours!


gas fired thermal oil boiler


How much oil does a thermal oil boiler use per hour?

How much oil does an oil boiler use per hour?

A thermal oil boiler uses around 0.3 gallons (1 liter) of oil every hour. This means that it would take about 50 hours to burn through a single gallon of heating oil and can be calculated by dividing the total number of gallons by 24 hours, which is how long one day lasts in a week. The same principle applies if you want to know how much heating fuel your home consumes throughout a month or year: just divide your total amount of consumed fuel by 30 (for each month) or 456 (for each year).


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How much is gas fired thermal oil boiler?

thermal oil boiler price

Gas-fired thermal oil boiler

The average cost of a gas-fired boiler is around £2,500. This includes installation, pipework, and any extras such as an additional fan to help keep the house cool in summer.

Electric thermal oil boiler

Electricity costs are usually higher than natural gas so this will increase the price of an electric-heated boiler by about 15%. An average new electric-heated oil range costs around £4,000 to install with all accessories included. If you already have electricity in your home then it could be cheaper for you than installing a separate electrical supply only for heating water or radiators. The cost of electricity varies quite widely depending on where you live and how much fuel your boiler uses during its lifetime (about 25 years).

Diesel-fired thermal oil boiler

Diesel-fired boilers tend to be more expensive than other types but they do not require any additional maintenance once installed properly so they should last longer without breaking down or requiring repairs due to faults caused by poor workmanship during installation work carried out by unqualified tradesmen who don’t know what they’re doing!


thermal oil heating system



A thermal oil boiler is an energy-saving, low-carbon green boiler. It uses thermal oil to heat the water in the boiler. The main components are a hot water tank and a separate heating unit. The hot water tank can be directly heated by thermal oil or indirectly heated by steam produced by burning fossil fuels. If you want to know more about thermal oil boilers, please contact us: at +0086 186-2391-5479.


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