Best Gas Condensing Boiler | Condensing boiler for sale

Best Gas Condensing Boiler | Condensing boilers for sale

A gas condensing boiler is a type of heating system that is more efficient than conventional boilers. It’s also more expensive to buy and install, but if you own a house where the energy costs are high, it might be worth upgrading.



What is a gas condensing boiler?

Condensing boiler how it works

A gas condensing boiler is a type of boiler that uses less energy and is more environmentally friendly than conventional boilers. A gas condensing boiler has an efficiency rating of 90% or higher, which means that it converts 90% of the heat from the fuel into hot water. This makes it more efficient than standard boilers with an efficiency rating below 80%.

Gas condensing boilers are more expensive because they use special parts and materials that are designed to be highly efficient, such as low-emission burners, high-quality insulation, and advanced control systems.


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Is a gas condensing boiler worth it?

Condensing boiler manufacturers

As with any boiler, you’ll want to consider the cost of installing and maintaining a gas condensing boiler.

  • Installing a gas condensing boiler is more expensive than installing a conventional heating system. The installation cost depends on the size of your home, as well as its location (some areas require additional work to ensure that no gases are able to escape). In addition, you’ll need to hire an HVAC contractor who has experience in installing this type of system; if not done correctly, it could lead to problems later on down the road.
  • Maintenance costs will also increase since many parts inside these boilers are made from stainless steel rather than brass or copper — two materials that tend to corrode over time when exposed continuously with high temperatures generated by combustion engines like those found inside most residential units.”


gas condensing boiler


How efficient is a gas condensing boiler?

Condensing boilers pros and cons

As a condensing boiler, the gas condensing boiler efficiency is 97.5%. This means that 97.5% of the energy in the gas will be converted into hot water and only 2.5% will be lost in heat exchange processes within the boiler. This is significantly better than standard boilers which can have efficiencies of around 80%, and combi boilers which typically have an efficiency of around 90%.

This also means that if you are using natural gas as your fuel source with a 95% efficient condensing boiler, it’s possible to save up to 70% on your heating bills compared to using electricity!


What is the best gas condensing combi boiler?

Condensing combi boiler

If you’re looking for a gas condensing boiler, you’ll need to find the right one.

There are many different types of combi boilers available on the market today. Choosing the right one can be a challenge because there are so many options to choose from. If your home is new or in good condition then it may be possible to fit an open vent system with an unvented hot water cylinder and use a standard condensing boiler; however, if your property has any issues such as low ceilings or poor ventilation then it would be better to install a vented version instead.

This will ensure that both gases remain separate and that no odors escape into your home via any pipes around them – this would otherwise give rise (or rise again) after being released from their original source outside our building! On top of this, there’s also less chance of corrosion happening inside our walls thanks to having regular checks carried out throughout each year; these inspections work by checking behind paneling using fiber optic cameras which means we can see if any problems exist before they become serious enough for DIY repairs later down.”



What is the difference between a combi boiler and a condensing boiler?

Gas combi condensing boiler

A combi boiler is a system that heats water to supply hot water and heats your home. The water will be heated through the use of gas, oil, or condensing boilers. It can be used for both central heating and hot water needs.

A condensing boiler differs from a combi boiler in that it recovers heat from the exhaust gases (this is called re-capture). It then uses this recovered energy to preheat the incoming cold feedwater before passing it into your hot water cylinder(s) where it is then stored until required. Condensing boilers also have an integral pump which allows them to be operated on lower pressures than standard models; reducing installation costs and improving efficiency by up to 20%.



How long do gas condensing boilers last?

Gas condensing boiler life expectancy

The lifespan of your boiler depends on the model and how it is used. Some gas condensing boilers can last up to 20 years, while others might only last five. The average lifespan of a gas condensing boiler is 10-12 years.

The lifespan of a boiler is influenced by several factors including:

  • The type (condensing vs non-condensing)
  • How much time you spend in your home each day
  • How often you use the hot water system


natural gas condensing boiler


How much cheaper is a condensing boiler to run?

Condensing boiler cost

One of the most important factors that you need to consider before installing a condensing boiler is the amount of money it will save you in the long run. And one way that you can do this is by comparing their running costs with other types of boilers.

If we look at our example above, which shows how much energy each type of boiler uses during a year and how much money that’ll cost per kWh:

  • A standard open-vented gas boiler would cost around £1,200 – £2,500 per year to run and use an average of 6kWh per hour (3kW).
  • An efficient condensing open-vented gas boiler would cost around £1,300 – £2,800 per year to run and use an average of 3kWh per hour (1kW).


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How much does it cost to replace gas condensing boilers?

Gas condensing boiler cost

The cost of gas condensing boilers varies according to the model. You should expect to pay anywhere from £500 to £2,000 for a new boiler depending on whether it is purchased from a trader or installed by a local installer. When choosing which type of boiler you would like, be sure that you understand what installation costs are associated with each model and how much you can save in heating bills over time.

The installation process can take between one and three days depending on how difficult your home’s setup is and how many rooms require an upgrade at once; however, the majority of homeowners choose an afternoon installation because this allows them to continue working even if their plumbing system needs some major work done before installing a new system (i.e., replacing pipes).

When comparing replacement options for old systems with newer ones, remember that not all boilers come with warranties; therefore, any repairs needed after installation could end up costing more than expected if something breaks down prematurely due to faulty manufacturing standards or poor-quality materials used during construction.


condensing boiler cost



In conclusion, we can see that gas condensing boilers are a great investment for any business. They offer great energy efficiency at an affordable price and are easy to install. With this in mind, it’s time to get your boiler replaced with the best one on the market! If you want to know more about gas condensing boilers, please contact us: at +0086 186-2391-5479.


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